Jonathan Dyrud

Will Act for Food!

This is the website for actor Jonathan Dyrud.  Click the links to see Jonathan's resume, bio, production photos as well as all contact information you need to get him on your team

Here are some production pictures of the shows I've done.  Just click on a picture to cycle through all the shots from the show!

The Seagull- Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2012

Adapted by Libby Appel. Directed by Libby Appel. Scenic Design: Christopher Acebo. Costume Design: Deborah M. Dryden. Lighting Design: Alexander V. Nichols. Photo: Jenny Graham.


Measure for Measure- Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2011

Directed by Bill Rauch; Scenic Design: Clint Ramos; Costume Design: ESosa; Lighting Design: David Weiner; Video and Projections Designer: Shawn Sagady; Photo: Jenny Graham.


To Kill a Mockingbird- Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2011

By Harper Lee; Adapted by Christopher Sergel. Directed by Marion McClinton. Scenic and Projection Design: David Gallo; Costume Design: Deborah M. Dryden; Lighting Design: Dawn Chiang; Shadow Projections: Lynn Jeffries; Photo: Jenny Graham.


Pride and Prejudice- Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2010

By Jane Austin; Adapted by Joseph Hanreddy and J.R. Sullivan; Directed by Libby Appel; Scenic Design: William Bloodgood; Costume Design: Mara Blumenfeld; Lighting Design: Robert Peterson; Photo: Jenny Graham.


Cymbeline- Hip to Hip Theater Company 2014

By William Shakespeare; Directed by David Mold; Scenic Design/Construction: CSS Woodworking; Costume Design: Nancy Nichols; Lighting Design: Guy Ventoliere



The Two Gentlemen of Verona- Hip to Hip Theater Company 2014

By William Shakespeare; Directed by C.S. Lucier; Scenic Design Construction: CSS Woodworking; Costume Design: Sarah Marie Dixon;  Lighting Design: Guy Ventoliere

Blithe Spirit- Souther Oregon University 2009

By Noel Coward; Directed by Dale Luciano; Scenic Design: Andy Zehrung; Costume Design: Caitlin Bedford; Lighting Design: Kristen Lake; Photos by Brian Prechtel


Hunting Cockroaches- Southern Oregon University 2008

By Janusz Glowacki; Translated by Jadwiga Kosicka; Directed by Terri McMahon;                                  Scenic Designer: Amanda Patt; Costume Designer: Linnaea Boone Wilson;                                          Lighting Designer: Bridget Carlson; Sound Designer: Chris Sackett